A space for a never-ending search for innovation and exclusive products for the bath and home.

Spazio Balestra’s years of experience are represented by its elegant showroom in downtown Lugano that displays an accurate selection of international products and furnishings for the bath, home accessories and sanitary ware.
The Spazio Balestra showroom reveals its continuous search for solutions designed for versatile spaces dedicated to wellness and personal hygiene, with an assortment of unconventional products and brands that are often found in other areas of the home. Here in the showroom, chairs, lamps, and textiles normally integrate the offer of the usual sanitary ware and furnishings for the bath.

Spazio Balestra is not only a showroom: here you’ll find products from top manufacturers in the sector alongside meticulous and customizable bespoke articles by talented artisans who make unique objects in glass, stone, metal, and wood as well as one-of-a-kind upholstered furniture in their workshops.